The AGA has not yet found any driver that adds significant distance (more than 10%) for the average golfer’s swing speed (85 mph). Indeed, most underperform due to poor shafts and head construction. Golfers, wisely, have not embraced any of these nonconforming alternatives, nor does the AGA.

Hammer Golf

Bang DYTI 600 cc

Integra Sooo Long

Geek Lil’ Bastard

Machine face of your driver for 0.90 COR


Divinick adjustable iron

Condor Controller driving irons


These wedges significantly increase the spin rate (about 2x) for the average golfer.

Spin Doctor

Ram Outlaw



The AGA has confirmed that the Polara ball significantly reduces hooks and slices for the average golfer.

Polara anti-slice/hook

Driving Distance

The AGA has not yet found any ball that adds significant distance (more than 10%) to the drive of the average golfer (85 mph swing speed).
The average golfer will get longer distance from a harder, two-piece ball with a higher launch angle and lower spin rate. The Callaway Diablo, Pinnacle Dimension and Maxfli Noodle are examples. The AGA golfer can use one of these for long shots, and save the ProV1 for chips and putts.


Pirate long distance

Desperado long distance

Dimple Devil

Short Distance Balls

Point Five Short Distance Balls

Almost Golf shot distance balls

Other Golfer Aids

Radar Golf System

Prazza RFID chip system

Long Shot impact tape

Tic Tac grip aid

Golf grip

Thumb Caddy

Momentus Grip trainer

Golftyme Ball Heater