What They’ve Said About Us

Clearly, Flogton made an impression! Here’s a sample of the press coverage. 

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 Wall Street Journal
“The new testament of golf”
The first big followup to the launch of the AGA and Project Flogton.

The New York Times
“Turning Golf Tradition on Its Head”


Los Angeles Times
“Golf is in a mad scramble”


The Washington Times
“Flogton rights the wrongs of real golf”


“Flogton and saving golf through nonconforming equipment”
The blogger analyzes the AGA’s equipment hopes and gets lots of comments.


“One game, two sets of rules?”


Asian Golf Business 
“The Alternative Golf Association is born!”

Flogton and the AGA go international with this feature.


Golf Digest
“Bigger didn’t make golf better; some tips on saving the game”
Jaime Diaz’s Final Say column makes a case for reform.


Boone County Journal
“Turning golf tradition backwards”


The Pellucid Perspective
“Can Alternative Golf change golf’s fortunes?”
An analysis of the new game’s chances.


“Bob Zider: Teeing up to change the game of golf”

A fascinating profile on the AGA founder.